You don't have to look like a clown to be Atypique.
Coats and jackets. Subtle originality and elegance, made with luxurious fabrics.

atypique ∙ adj. \a.ti.pik\
1. Qui n’a pas de type déterminé
2. Qui est différent du type habituel

Atypique is an independent women’s ready-to-wear brand that focuses on coats and jackets to complete your everyday look or to brighten up special occasions, nights out, parties and events. We believe a coat, jacket or a blazer shouldn’t be an afterthought and can in fact make or break an outfit.

Atypique is there for those who carefully prepare a whole look and then remember that they don’t have a coat that goes with it. For those who prefer style over fashion and are tired of seeing nice designs made in cheap fabrics. For those who like elegance, originality and have a sense of humour but don’t want to fall into fashion-victim territory.


Clementine is half French and half Dutch. After living in London, Amsterdam, Paris and Milan, she now lives in Portugal, where an experience working in children’s clothing production inspired her to start her own project in the textile industry.

We’re not a fan of the pace at which the fashion industry operates, with never-ending seasons and collections, organised around specific industry release dates and ready to be thrown away a few months later. Atypique coats and blazers don’t come in collections - when they’re ready they’re ready. We don’t necessarily care about obeying the latest fashion trends for the sake of it - nice designs, cuts, fabrics and colours are timeless. If you’re the type of person still cherishing that piece of clothing you bought 15 years ago then you’re one of us!